Get ready: Zoom Teaching Checklist

Use this checklist to plan for teaching using Zoom. 

In this article:

Before your meeting – Prepare

Get Started with Zoom: Ensure your account is set up in Zoom and that Zoom is displayed in your myCourses Navbar. 

Create the Zoom meeting invitation.

Set up default meeting settings and check recommended Zoom settings. 

Set an alternative host (if appropriate).

  • When you add an Alternative host, you can enable that person to add or edit polls in Zoom.

Once the meeting has been created, send the Zoom invitation to students via:

Prepare your meeting setup

Plan your Zoom meeting to maintain student engagement:

During the meeting – Monitor and moderate

Add a co-host (if needed):

  • Co-hosts can control and manage various administrative aspects of the Zoom meeting.

  • Co-hosts have access to the same features as hosts, but they cannot add other co-hosts.

Check audio and video for all participants

Manage your Zoom security functions

Once you are ready to start, begin recording the meeting.

  • Participants will be asked to consent to the recording or leave the session. Note that students cannot be required to turn on their cameras.

Verbally end the meeting and stop the recording to close the Zoom meeting on time.

After the meeting – Manage recordings

Managing your recordings in myCourses

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