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The Teaching Checklist is a tool to help instructors keep track of teaching tasks, from 6 months before the start of courses through to the end of the term. The Checklist indicates required actions (in bold) and recommended actions. Resources and support for implementing the actions are also provided. 

In this article:


6 months


3 months to 1 month


The following may also apply:

*Typical myCourses sites availability: fall courses - mid-May; winter courses - mid-October; summer courses - mid-March

4 weeks to 1 week


  • Meet with your Teaching Assistants, if applicable, to discuss their roles and responsibilities.

  • Course location:

    • If you are teaching in a classroom(s), view the room and the equipment instructions using the Classroom AV Instructions tool. You can also visit your classroom(s) to see the equipment and operations firsthand. Request support, if necessary. 

    • If you are teaching online, review how to use If you are teaching online, review how to use Zoom.

If you plan to use your own laptop in class, take note of whether the room supports VGA and / or HDMI video connectors, and bring the appropriate adapters.

First day of class


  • Remember to take any cables / adapters you may need for laptops and other devices.

  • If you have problems using equipment in your classroom, press the Audiovisual Systems Help button on the telephone for immediate support.

End of first week of classes


  • Review grading procedures and rubrics with Teaching Assistants and / or Graders.

After add/drop date (approx. 2 weeks after classes begin)


End of first month


End of term


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Resources and Support

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