Examples of assessment tools

“Assessment tool” is a broad term used to describe various instruments and methods that aid the assessment of student learning. Types of assessment tools include rubrics, checklists, and rating scales. Assessment tools support students’ learning in a variety of ways, including effectively communicating instructors’ expectations, focusing on key criteria, and providing feedback more efficiently. 

When creating or modifying an assessment tool for use in your courses, inspiration from examples can be helpful. We have compiled a bank of example rubrics and other assessment tools used by McGill instructors that you can adapt to your course context.  

Sharing assessment tools with students is a sound pedagogical practice because it helps them understand what your expectations are. If you use any of the examples from this bank and share them with your students, consider acknowledging the author: 

Inspired by Prof. [name] 

Adapted from a rubric used by Prof. [name] 


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